Pray Like a Child

I prayed for a caterpillar the other day.  Bless our 4 year old who took his caterpillar on a bike ride with us, hanging on for dear life to his handle bars.  The hill in front was too much, and the poor little guy blew off.  Our son was devastated.  The search and prayers began.  “Lord, please help us find Caleb’s caterpillar.” Amazingly, I found the little caterpillar in the middle of the sidewalk.  And unfortunately for everyone he had been squished by the search team.  The prayer then changed a little, “Lord, please help us find another caterpillar.”  After a few minutes, our prayers were answered, as another disgusting little caterpillar crawled up and down Caleb’s arms.  How freeing it is to pray like a child.  To put my adult ideals away and approach our Father like a Daddy.  I’m learning that He even cares about caterpillars.=)

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