Ode to the “Other Days”

His “strength is made perfect in weakness (II Cor. 12:9).”  Praise the Lord!  I am so weak so many days.  I wake up late, skip my time with the Lord, and then rush through the rest of the day.  I check the clock to see how many hours til naptime.  Then I check it again to see what time Daddy will be home.  Before bed I check it to see if it’s too early to put them down.  Yes, 6:00 is a little too early.  Then I put them in the bath knowing that they’ll entertain themselves for nearly an hour before a reasonable bedtime comes.  Those are the days I’m weak.

There are other days where I get up early, workout, pray, and spend time with the Lord.  The boys and I have an excellent day filled with laughs, hugs, and walks to the park.  We’re actually surprised when Daddy comes home “so early.”  I’m reluctant to put them to bed and gladly give in to their pleas for “just one more book.”  Those too are the days I’m weak.

Each and every day, no matter how smoothly things go or don’t go, I still need my Father.  I need His strength to be perfect, because I’m not.  I need to remember the grace I’ve been given and the love I’ve been shown.   Every day, I need to remember that I’m His and live in His strength.

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