Savor Like Chocolate

If I could only love these crazy little years like our youngest loves chocolate, things would be much different around here.  He eats it so slowly and meticulously, enjoying every bite.  I wonder if it’s because he feels like he doesn’t get much.  And honestly, he doesn’t get much as lots of it ends up on his hands, face, even on his arms and legs!  I can’t seem to grasp how quickly these years of my kids being little are going to pass.

Just like Jonathan’s chocolate, I imagine it will be gone, and I’ll wonder where it all went.  Some will pass here and some there, and we’ll be left with sweet memories.  This thought challenges me to show and teach my boys the Gospel every chance I get.  But it also reminds me to savor this time; to enjoy it to the last bite.  And I can only do this as I trust that our Father has plans to “prosper and not [harm] them; to give them a hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11)

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