Who’s Doing the Measuring?

The other week at Summit JD said that “not everything that comes from heaven has our name on it.”  I thought about this in respect to my calling as a Mom.  Why have I convinced myself that Scripture says I must “freezer cook, have a spotless house, read to my boys 3 hours a day, etc, etc?” Is it possible that I’m measuring myself according to the opinions of others as opposed to the opinion of my Creator?

He says to me that He loves me.  He showed this to me by sending Jesus.  Nothing I do (or don’t do) can ever change the way He feels about me.  I am called to be a good steward of what He’s given, but in no way am I called to measure up to someone else’s opinion.  May I parent today in the freedom that Christ’s love gives.  I can love because I am loved.

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