Thoughts from the Conference

What an amazing weekend we had as women at the Summit.  In addition to the Gospel truths Elyse shared, some of my personal highlights were:

-Eating a bagel uninterrupted by kids
-Seeing long lost friends from other campuses
-Loading up my pillow and overnight bag for a slumber party

The time listening to Elise was so refreshing.  She has such an amazing way of explaining the Gospel and making it seem new all over again.  Honestly, the things she said are the same reasons that caused me to mull around with this blog idea nearly 4 months ago.  She just expresses those reasons more beautifully!=)

Some of the things I had highlighted in my notes (and there are pages of them) were:
-It’s not “just as if I’d never sinned” but “just as if I’ve always obeyed.”
-The primary purpose of marriage is to learn to love a sinner and wash their feet (What??…this takes a lot of grace!).
-The point of having kids is not to make me proud.  I already am.  It’s to teach me how to love as I have been loved.
-“That even though we believe the Gospel, the places where the Gospel actually intersects with and powerfully affects our daily life is infrequent.”
-“My identity is that I’m one who’s been loved immeasurably by God and have been made one with him, will continually be contrasted with this statement: My identity and self-worth is determined by whether I am popular, respected, a winner, and well-fed.”

And there are tons of other great things in my notes.  Thank you Summit and Elyse Fitzpatrick for a transforming weekend!

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