Imperfect Memories

Tonight while getting our Christmas tree I was reminded that being an imperfect family means we will make imperfect memories…

*No, we will not coordinate our outfits and take a camera with a tripod…
INSTEAD we will wear the same clothes we had on yesterday and I will forget the camera at home.

*No, we will not spend precious moments smiling and admiring every tree…
INSTEAD we will give up and ask the 16 year old kid working there which tree he would pick…

*No, we will not laugh and sing Christmas music on the way home with our rocket ship wrapped tree on the top of our minivan…
INSTEAD we will yell and scream for juice while the silence of our broken radio reminds us of our dysfunction.

*No, we will not bake cookies and gaze at the fire while putting the tree up.
INSTEAD we will open the window because it’s too hot (further proving how out of shape we are) and yell as the boys chase each other around with butter knives…

*No, I will not sweep up the tree needles scattered all over the floor…
INSTEAD I will sit down and blog about the perfect imperfections of our family.=)

But will I sleep good tonight.  Oh yes!  And I will rest, knowing that our craziness, our impossibility to live the way my mind tells me things “should be,” the way memories “should be” made…that is beautiful.  Because it is covered in love.  We have been covered in love!

Happy Black Friday!

4 thoughts on “Imperfect Memories

  1. Cole cried the entire time we were searching and cutting down our tree. This was a perfect description of how to see that through the lens of the gospel. You are so wise. Glad you are back to bloggins!

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this entry!! Helps me with our experience today. Remember you cant spell dysfunctional without the fun!

    1. Thanks Anna! You know how it is I’m sure! At least once a day I say, “This is pure dysfunction.” Now I’m gonna add, “but isn’t it fun!”

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