Life with kids is lived in two extremes.  Jonathan pulls me through Chick-fil-a to the play area…high speed.  Caleb can’t decide which book he’d prefer for bedtime…slow speed.  Stephen has a soccer game right before church…fast speed.  All the boys have lost their shoes before we head out the door…slow speed.  Oh the days of medium speed, predictable speed, life at my pace…I miss you!  And I’m told that while each day takes a speed of its own, my time with young kids in our house is moving very fast.  Sweet peace for it to feel like that sometimes!

I also struggle with speed in my love for the Lord.  Some days our time is slow, and I steal extra moments away to grow in this love affair we have.  Some days it’s rushed, and I wonder how the Holy Spirit can speak to me in the fast glance I give Him.

Thank the Lord it’s not up to me. Do I assume I can work my way to God?  Have I forgotten the destination has already been determined?  It’s not a race.  Yes, I’m “pressing toward the mark.”  But why-“for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”  Hasn’t that already been won?  Yes, Yes!!

I toggle between speeds because I so love these boys God has given us.  And Christ, well, He loves me through all my different speeds (and hormones) too.  More beautifully!  More perfectly!  Thank You, Father, for your faithfulness!

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