Adoption Update

For all of our curious friends, we did have our first homestudy today and yes, as weird as it seems, it did take place in Greensboro.  Crazy, huh?  That’s where our social worker is, so Bethany requires our first 2 meetings to be there with her while our 3rd and final one will be here. 

So here’s the rundown: next week (Dec. 8) we’ll be back in Greensboro for one on one “interviews.” The following weekend (Dec.16) Regina will come to our home to meet with our family (including the boys).  From there we will wait for the report to be made and submitted, so we can join the ranks of other waiting families.

In our excitement, pray for us to have wisdom as we’re composing our profile book for adoptive Moms to view along with a personal letter to both her and the birthfather.  We are waiting and trusting!

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