Worth it?

After a busy (but fun) week of Christmas, I told Jeremy that I was looking forward to going back to work next week!=)  Senseless!  I followed that question up internally with, “Do I really believe all this is worth it?”  Basically, the “all this” could be defined as the craziness and self-sacrifice of having kids.  My answer was yes,  I believe this is all worth it.

Is it worth it right now?  Maybe not so much.  Will it be worth it one day?  Hope so.  Regardless, I have been loved by a Savior who understands and who answered with his death the question of “is all this really worth it.”

Because He loved me enough to offer me His worth, I can love our family even on the days when it doesn’t feel worth it.  And even on the days when I wonder if it ever will be!

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