Dear Birthparents…

The adoption profile book is almost done.  Here’s a glimpse at my heart…hope these birthparents can sense our love.

Dear Birthparents,
You are some of the bravest people I know.  You have chosen life in a world where that’s not the easiest or most convenient choice.  Thank you.  Thank you for seeing past the now to down the road.  Thank you giving life to a precious child.  Our family is busy but full of love.  We are not perfect, but we are happy and enjoy the moments we have been given.  I can’t promise to do everything right as a Mom.  That’s something I’ve been humbled to learn with our 3 boys.  But I do promise you I will love your baby to the core.  I will hold them, cuddle them, read them books, and make them feel safe.  Our family has prayed for this child, yearned for this child, and dreamed of welcoming this baby into our home.  Thank you, sweet Mama, for choosing life.  We will forever be grateful.

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