Our house is full of Legos!  We find them literally everywhere.  For Christmas, Stephen got a big Lego set for he and Daddy to work on.  It’s taking awhile, but we’re all confident it will eventually be the Star Wars fort pictured on the box.

Last week, Caleb, our 4 year old, decided to help Daddy and Stephen out.  He climbed up in the chair and got to work.  Amazingly enough, when he was finished, his creation looked similar to the one pictured on the box.  Stephen was also impressed and hasn’t taken it apart yet to resume working on the “real one.”

No, our boys aren’t legos, but I fear I often treat them that way.  There’s a mental image I have in my mind of who they should become and what kind of parent I should be, and when things don’t end up that way, I’m prone to discouragement and frustration.

Maybe I need to put away the box for awhile with the perfect, completed picture on the outside.  Maybe I should trust that our perfect God is working through their imperfections and mine.  Maybe I should trust that His finished product is way better than what I’m hoping for!

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