Shut up…Oops!

At a playdate the other day Caleb dropped the shut up bomb on his friends.  I immediately, appalled, declared, “I have no idea where he heard that.”  I headed over to him to interrogate and get to the root of things.

Me-“Caleb, did you just tell your friends to shut up?”
Caleb-“Yes” (pitiful looking face)
Me-“We don’t talk like that.  Have you ever heard Mommy and Daddy say that?” (As if we are the standard by which he should measure himself anyways)

And then…before he could even answer…it hit me.  Don’t answer that Mommy/Daddy question, son.  It’s ME.  I’m the guilty party.  I’m the shut up sharer.

Before you assume I tell my children to shut up (boy have I wanted to), let me clarify that shut up is my natural response when someone says something sarcastic to me (mainly Jeremy).  Those 2 words have been my go to for, well, years.  I usually say it with such cheerfulness that it’s not offensive.  But now, with littles always around, I guess they have picked up on it.

What can be done now?  Well, of course, start reminding myself to filter my words for the sake of little ears and their friends.  And then, thank God that He’s constantly reminding me how imperfect I am…how I still need Him!  How maybe I’m the one who needs to be doing the shutting up!=)

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