He Really Loves Me!

We surprised the boys at bedtime the other night by taking them out for icecream, pajamas and all.  When we got back home, one of them (name omitted) had a fit about going to bed.  My immediate thought, “Seriously, we just got icecream.  Did you forget?  How could you act like this?”

The answer that came to mind humbled me…Because our son doesn’t base our grace to him, our unexpected surprises, our love, on what he does.  He can go out for icecream, pitch a fit back at home, and still rest assured that we love him, and we’ll probably do something fun again tomorrow.

Oh how I wish I could accept God’s grace like that.  The simple faith of a child.  He loves me.  My Father really loves me.  He gives me good things because He loves me.  It’s not because of the way I act.  He came to me, gave up His life, all while I was (and still am) a sinner.  “While we were still sinning, Christ died for us.”  What amazing, unconditional love!

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