The Other Me

There’s another me that few people know.  I call her the “good intention” me…

When Jeremy comments on the good dinner I fixed (rare that I cooked/rare that it was good!), I will often respond “the good intention me would have used organic ingredients and less processed stuff.”  When Jeremy comments on how clean the house looks, I sometimes respond, “the good intention me would have done it last week.”  When it’s not appropriate to verbally say what I think, I will form the phrase in my mind… “The good intention me would have said no to the brownie, so I can look like that in those jeans”… “The good intention me would have done a better job teaching our kids, so they can quote verses like that”… Oh my gracious!  Isn’t that ugly?

You know what my good intentions have actually gotten me.  Absolutely nothing.  Because at my core, I’m rotten.  My heart is deceitful.  I so desperately need Him.  Eve had good intentions.  So do I.  But look where we’ve gotten ourselves.  Nowhere.

The only place my good intentions should get me is on my knees; begging for grace.  Father, I need you.  I really need you.  Thank You for grace.

3 thoughts on “The Other Me

  1. Your thoughts on this blog are so helpful to me. ALways point me back to Christ, not to be a “better” parent or person, which I am totally incapable of my own. I’ll die trying, though, right?

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