Sarah…a girl I can relate to

I like Sarah, Abraham’s wife. She laughed when she heard God was gonna give her a son. I’m a laugher too. For example, when Jeremy got the call about being the kids’ pastor at the Summit, I laughed! I mean really laughed! Ask him about it.

When we get the long awaited call a birthmom has chosen us to adopt her child, guess what I’ll probably do…laugh! It’s  my natural response when God surprised me or does something not according to my plans (and I have lots of plans!)

But what I love most about Sarah is found in Hewbrews 11:12-
“By faith Sarah herself received power to conceive, even when she was past the age, since she considered him faithful who had promised.”

Did you see that? Sarah had faith. She considered him (God) faithful who had promised. And what had he promised? A son.

Guess why I should have faith and consider him faithful, even now in 2013. Because he promised me a son, his Son, Jesus Christ. He came. He gave himself up for me.  He loves me and these boys I so desperately pray will grow to love and serve him.

I can laugh (sometimes you just have to). But I can have faith. He who promised is faithful!!

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