Real Love

The other day (at the Tanger outlets, no less) I had an epiphany.  Jeremy and I were talking before making full use of some Christmas gift cards when it hit me out of nowhere…He really loves me.  No, not God, but Jeremy.  Why are you shopping with me?  Why do you work so hard so I can stay home?  Why do you help fold clothes and clean up after dinner?

Now don’t get me wrong, neither he, nor I, nor our marriage is perfect (that should be in bold!) but guess what, Jeremy really loves me.  It’s kinda weird when I think about it and a little overwhelming.  We’ve been married over 10 years.  Am I just now getting this?

After blabbing out my realization to him he said something to the extent of, “Why is that a big deal?”  Ooh…easy one!  Because when I realize Jeremy’s love for me, I’m even more overwhelmed by Christ’s love for me.  Isn’t that Scripture anyways?  Shouldn’t Jeremy’s love point me to Christ?  Shouldn’t my love do the same?

Maybe this is crazy but since that random moment in the van my thoughts have been on Christ’s love for me.  He really loves me.  No, REALLY loves me!  I can give love and accept love because I am loved.  How freeing!


One thought on “Real Love

  1. Beautiful then, beautiful now. Thanks for sharing your heart. It makes me think more about God and my relationship to Him.

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