Yeppers…I’m inviting you to a book study!!!

Okay, friends, this one’s for the girls.  There’s this book I finished a few months ago that I think all of you should read.  No, really…every girl/woman should read it.  It was so good.  Here are a few of my favorite quotes to spike your interest…

“Somewhere along the way, I got the message that salvation is by faith alone but anything after that is faith plus my hard work and sweet disposition.”

“Our desire to be the good girl, the good Christian, the good wife, and the good mom becomes our number one priority, and Jesus isn’t even in the room.”

“If I am trying to please God, it is difficult to trust God. But when I trust God, pleasing him is automatic.”

Okay, if those don’t interest you, here’s an interview with the author Emily P. Freeman (a NC girl).  Check it out.

The name of the book is Grace for the Good Girl.  And I think you should get it.  In fact, I did the research, and the following stores carry it… Amazon, Walmart, Target, Barnes and Noble.

For extra motivation (I know there are skeptics and “too busy to read” ladies out there), I thought I’d invite you to join a book study.

Okay, I know that may sound nerdy and a bit intimidating, but I promise it won’t be.  Basically, I’ll just encourage you to finish certain chapters by a certain day and then post my thoughts on that chapter to encourage you.  For you, my friend, this is just a reading plan to help you finish this awesome book.

I’ll give you more details soon but for now, get the book!=)  We’ll start the first of March!

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