Book Study Coming Up

Okay, girls (of all ages!!) I hope all of you’ve gotten Emily P. Freeman’s book Grace for the Good Girl.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can read the first post here.

I’ve included a schedule below, so you know what’s ahead.  Each Monday I’ll recap the chapters read and share some things that stood out to me.  Don’t feel obligated to comment, just use it as extra motivation (and a chance to see the raw, yuck, good girl side of me!).

You can also join a private facebook group I created (bumpsbruises&grace-bookstudy1) if you’d like to communicate that way.  Just message me on there (Tiffany Anne Pollard), and I’ll add you.

I’m praying that lots of you will join me, be encouraged, and grow over the next month and a half.  Enjoy!

March 4-ch. 1,2,3 done
March 11-ch. 4,5,6 done
March 18-ch. 7,8,9 done
March 25-ch. 10,11,12 done
April 1-ch. 13,14,15 done
April 8-ch. 16,17,18 done

2 thoughts on “Book Study Coming Up

    1. Thanks Emily! I know how much your book encouraged me, so I had to share it with others. I know they will say the same thing. I just want to know when the next book will be out!=) Thanks!

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