Seeing God

It’s easy for me to see God here…


in a simple trip to the mountains where the boys play in the creek out back, read books, paint, and build forts.

But what about here…
-In waiting for one final signature on our adoption homestudy
-Unexpected Dr.’s appointments for seemingly healthy children
-The mundane repetitiveness of being here everyday (laundry, cooking, cleaning)

Is He here too? In all the parts of life I’d love to avoid?  I’m struggling to see Him.

Was He there?  Back in history when Jesus suffered.  Would I have struggled to see Him there?

Yes, He was there. Yes, He’s here.  His love doesn’t say things will always go our way; that life will be like the smooth flowing creek we recently played in.  But it does say He’s there. He cares. He is working all things for our good; for His good.  We can move forward, press on, wait, endure. He is here!

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