Not Letting Go

I hugged one of our boys today (after disciplining them nonetheless) and realized something: I’m always the first to let go. That probably sounds odd, but it’s true. I’ve always got something else to do or another kid to attend to, so when the discipline is over, and the hug of “I still love you” is done, I move on, tackling the next thing.

But today, I stayed still. I stopped and let those little arms stay close around my neck for another minute; actually much longer than I thought.  And in that quiet moment, I felt myself relax too. I felt the quietness say-this is important; maybe more important that the words you just shared. Stay here. Be all here. This is restoration.

That same embrace is what the Gospel offers me. Mercy to forgive but then grace to hold me; to let me release all my guilt, all the expectations I have put on myself. He holds me in His everlasting arms and reassures me of His love. That’s real parent love!

4 thoughts on “Not Letting Go

    1. Jen, you are too funny! It’s quite the opposite. If I was to make to list of rock star Moms that I’m constantly learning from, you would be at the top! Thanks friend!

  1. You know the older I get the more I understand the lingering a little longer. Moments are fleeting and we cannot get them back. If we stop and look at our human situations it helps us in a small way know how God must feel about our hurried busyness. I love reading your blog because it reminds me of the things, the moments I let slip through and the time wasted with things that don’t count. May we more than anything keep our eyes on our God.

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