A Letter to Myself-As a New Mom

Dear Me,
You may be overwhelmed right now with that little 6 pound bundle you named Stephen. You may feel scared and wonder what God was thinking when He gave him to you. You may obsess over parenting books, especially ones that tell you when to feed him, how to stimulate his brain, and tricks to getting him to sleep through the night. These are good things; learn, learn, learn…this is new territory (and surprise, you’re gonna do it 3 more times after this).

But please, please, don’t get so caught up in routines and others’ opinions that you forget how to be the Mom. If you want to rock that little boy, then by all means rock him. If you want to let him sleep in his carseat all night, then go for it.  Because one day, you’re gonna rock another baby, your 3rd little boy, and you’re gonna wish to hold him longer, to snuggle longer. But that’s not possible…because you are needed by the now 6 year old Stephen and his 4 year old brother. They are waiting in the other room.

This time, this 1 child fleeting moment, is your chance to rock. It’s your chance to fall asleep with him in your arms. Yes, a full night of sleep would be wonderful, almost unimaginable. At this moment, it may seem like a gift of God’s grace to you. But young Mama, years later, you will realize that God’s grace is getting to hold your child. Grace is studying his nose while he drifts off. Grace is watching his chest rise up and down with each breath.

Hang on, tired Mama. Every piece of this tapestry. Every worn out moment. This is grace.

With love, confidence, and grace,


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