Accepting Good as Great

The difference between good and great is huge. I’m learning to accept my good as the boys’ great. Let me explain…

We’re throwing frisbees in the yard, and the boys are having a blast. I get the idea to pile in the van and play frisbee golf at a local park. Surely, they would like that better. Nope, what I thought was good (throwing frisbees at home) they already thought was great. No reason to change it.

Here’s another one- The boys are playing quietly with Legos. I remember the new set Stephen got for his birthday and pull it out. That would be even more fun, even greater than what they are doing. Wrong again-they were having a great time even though it just seemed good to me.

Most times these efforts of mine to make good things great only cause extra stress. They’re not worth it. Let things be, Mama!

I’m realizing that’s the way I am with God. There are so many things in my life that seem good. If I could change them, though, I think they would be great. Like this…

I think it would be great if we adopted a baby next week. This waiting game is ridiculous and calling it good is even a stretch. But in God’s mind, in His infinite knowledge, He sees it as great. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be waiting.

So here’s the kicker, “Be still and know that I am God.” Yep, step back, Tiff, and watch things play out. What you may call good, God is naming great!


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