An Unexpected Friend

The boys and I went to the beach last week with my Mom. On Wednesday some of our friends there invited us to Awana. The boys were excited to go. So, we went…new church, new people, new experience.

Caleb was a little apprehensive, so I stayed with him in his Cubbies class. His teacher, an older lady named Miss Jan, was remarkable with the kids. I could immediately tell that she loved the Lord and loved teaching (even though she’d been at it for over 40 years). So when she asked me if I’d like to get breakfast one morning, the easy answer was yes.

The boys and I met Miss Jan at McDonalds, and an instant friendship was made. She spoke so many words of wisdom. I desperately wanted to write them all down.

One of the most important, though, was what she said when we first sat down. She hardly knew me, but God filled her with words that I desperately needed to hear. She said, “If Jesus was sitting in this seat right beside me, He’d look at you and say, ‘This is your calling right now. These boys are your main ministry’.”

I could have cried right there in that Playplace booth. What truth. Oh, how I forget that. I get caught up in what I want; in what I thought life would look like.

But there’s this amazing God who still speaks to me; Who reminds me of His grace in my life right now, during this season of little kids. And I’m so thankful that in His plan He puts people like Miss Jan in my life to speak truth.

Thank You, Father. Your grace is constantly surprising me!



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