Happy Mother’s Day Birthmom

Dear Birthmom,

It’s Mother’s Day…I imagine that’s pretty tough for you. If you’re pregnant but have made adoption plans, I bet you wonder what this time next year will be like. If you’ve already placed your child, I bet that your thoughts are with them today.

I have no idea how you feel. I can’t imagine the questions that must flow through your mind. The pain that fills your heart. Just the thought of it breaks mine in two.

But I do know that this day is for you. Mother’s Day is a celebration of being a mother and being a mother means making sacrifices. That’s what you did. You made the hardest sacrifice in the world. You placed your baby into a family because in your gut you knew that was best for them. It wasn’t easy but you did it because you loved them. That is sacrifice. That is motherhood.

So today, sweet birthmom, I celebrate you. Happy Mother’s Day!

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