An Adoption Story!

Last week an adoption happened!! And it was one we’ve been waiting on for a long time. No, we aren’t bringing a baby home yet. Even better……God adopted Stephen, our oldest, into His family!

Last Monday night I was tucking Stephen into bed, and he said, “Mommy, I want to believe in Jesus as my Savior.” It was unexpected, so I felt confident the Holy Spirit was working. Stephen’s “known” the Gospel for years.

Being a good Mom, I bailed and called the Kids’ Pastor in.=) Seriously, I did want Jeremy to have this moment with Stephen, so I left to entertain Caleb and Jonathan while the two of them talked.

Jeremy took him through some verses, and Stephen explained what each one meant. Jeremy then went through the ABC’s of salvation with him. When asked, Stephen said he wanted to accept Christ. He prayed and asked God to save him.

Stephen shared his adoption story with me, Jeremy and I prayed with him, and I wrote the details in his baby book. One amazing thing about this story is that Stephen accepted Christ on a Monday. We have chosen Monday as the particular day where we beg God to save our boys. On the Monday prayer card beside my bed, Boys-Salvation, is written.

The really amazing part is that this lazy Mama slept in last Monday morning thus skipping her prayer time for Stephen. Do I think prayer matters? Yes. Should we pray our rears off for our kids? Yes. But in His grace, even on the days where we forget to pray, God still works. On Mondays, when we sleep in, He still saves! That’s grace, my friends. Grace in Stephen’s life. Grace in my life. Oh, I have so much to be thankful for!

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