Mommy Excuses

Jonathan asks for juice. My response, “In a minute.” Stephen asks me to play basketball with him. My response, “I’m too tired.”

The other day Jonathan snapped back with, “I don’t want to wait a minute.” Because in his little mind he knows that a minute means multiple minutes. In fact, it may mean Mommy’s just hoping he forgets.

The other day Stephen snapped back with, “Why are you always tired?” Because in his 7 year old mind he knows that being tired is Mommy’s way of telling him that playing basketball is inconvenient at the moment.

I love these boys. We do fun things together. But there are times when I’m just downright not in the mood. There are times when I just don’t want to be bothered or asked for another thing. There are times when I just want everyone to chill out and leave me alone. There are times when I would like a break from being a Mom.

I’m so thankful God’s not this way with me. He’s never inconvenienced and always willingly listens. He hears me ramble. He hears me whine. He hears me question everything He’s called me to. But He keeps loving. He keeps offering me grace.

And on those days when being a Mom AGAIN seems so overwhelming, I can tell Him about it. He won’t say “in a minute.” He won’t say he’s “too tired.” He’ll listen and offer me sweet grace all over again!

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