I Peed My Pants

There, I said it. Humility in just uttering those 4 words. Sweet girls without kids this post is gonna freak you out. Sweet Mamas I hope to get an Amen. And men, you should just stop reading now!

The other day the boys and I met some friends at a local place called Defy Gravity (super fun!). It’s like a Bounce House place, only trampoline style if that makes sense. Here’s a pic-

defy gravity

It was our first time there and let’s just say, I had been warned. By other, more experienced, I’ve done these trampoline places before, kinda Moms. And, unfortunately, they were all right. After a few minutes of jumping, it happened. I had no control. I peed my pants.

I can’t explain the phenomenon that occurred. It’s the same phenomenon that occurs when I laugh too hard or cough unexpectedly. It’s that weird thing I always swore I would never do. Me? Pee my pants? No way.

But then kids came and in some odd sort of way, I’ve never been the same. Not my emotions. Not my body. Not my bladder control.

Why in the world am I posting this embarrassment? 2 reasons.

Reason 1-I am thankful to God for the seasons of life. Ecclesiastes 3:1 says “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.” Maybe you’re in a pee your pants season. That is God’s best for you (accept it!). Maybe you’re in a sweet season and life seems good. That is God’s best for you (enjoy it!). Maybe you’re in a season of waiting and wondering if God still hears. That is God’s best for you (believe it!). Every season is His grace, His goodness, His best.

Reason 2-Ladies, you have been warned. Be prepared on your next bounce-house, trampoline type adventure! And please fess up if you have a similar experience. It makes the rest of us feel better!=)

6 thoughts on “I Peed My Pants

  1. Girl!! I feel your pain!! Two summers ago playing catch with my sons and a couple of their friends at a close friend of mine’s house! It’s terrible!!! Needless to say, we left quite quickly!…I feel that season will be the rest of my life with four kids. :0

  2. You know you have a super friend when they let you borrow a pair of underwear after making you laugh so hard you pee your pants! Just saying…..

    And no I didn’t wash and return, I bought her a brand new pair!!

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