Monsters University-Check!!

It seems almost wrong to post this today. Why? 1-It’s a Sunday. 2-I’m reading Jen Hatmaker’s book Seven (and going to the movies has to fall into the excess category). 3-I’m not Plugged In, and they do a pretty awesome job! Regardless, here goes.

Last Wednesday we were given pre-screening tickets (thank you Time Warner Cable) to see Monsters University.


After turning in our cell phones and going some through high-level–don’t say a word about this movie until it releases Friday–security, we were all given free drinks and popcorn.


We found a seat in the crowded theatre and were lucky enough to catch these 2 guys when they were thrown out to the crowd (the stuffed animals…not Stephen!).


Oh, and the movie was in 3D! Caleb and Jonathan were confused and totally beside themselves!

All of that to say, we loved this movie. Jeremy and I took a gamble by taking the boys to a movie without being able to read reviews first. But it was a win. Go Disney!

There were a couple of kinda scary moments where Jonathan crawled into my lap, and I took off my 3D glasses (I have the fear level of a 3 year old!). It’s a Monster’s movie, though…nothing darker than Monsters Inc. Jonathan also didn’t like the fake kid they practiced scaring on. He was a little creepy with his rotten wood self.

The humor was so clean, and there wasn’t much adult humor disguised as kid humor. The plot was easy to follow and kept the boys interested. Yes, it’s a college movie, so there were some party scenes (all done in Monster form of course).

Overall, Monsters University was great!! Our family left smiling and pleased with the happy ending. It’s a winner and one we may consider buying (maybe not…I’m reading Seven).

So, like Plugged In, we give it a 4 and a half stars! Maybe 5 stars if you include the free snacks and cute stuffed animals!=)

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