God, You Owe Me!

Danny preached a great message this weekend.

Matt Papa “Oreoed” it with some awesome worship.

I’m so thankful for our church!! I’m not so thankful for the tail-whippin’ the Holy Spirit gave me.

During the service the word “entitlement” came up. Here’s the official Wikipedia definition: “Entitlement is a guarantee of access to benefits because of rights, or by agreement through law. It can also refer, in a more casual sense to someone’s belief that he/she is deserving of some particular reward or benefit.”

All sounds well until I apply it to myself. Here’s what I feel entitled to (brace yourself for ugly):
-I feel entitled to a safe, healthy family…Didn’t we suffer enough in 2007.
-I feel entitled to a happy, loving marriage…I saved myself for this guy.
-I feel entitled to live with financial security…We give sacrificially each month.
-I feel entitled to kids who grow up to love the Lord…We are a “Gospel/Grace-Based family.”
-I feel entitled to adoption…We are sacrificing money and emotions.

And it plays out in my prayers…”Seriously, God, don’t you realize how many parenting books I’ve read? Don’t you realize how much money we gave away last year? Don’t you remember how I ‘praised you in the storm?’ Then come on…do these things for us…answer these prayers.”

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong. Bottom line-You know what I’m entitled to? An eternity in Hell, separated from God (preach it, sister!)

I do not deserve a sweet baby. I do not deserve a loving husband. I do not deserve anything that I feel entitled to.

All I’ve been given is grace. All I will be given is grace. JD said once “Anything better than Hell is grace.”

So if we wait for years on this adoption…GRACE!
If the future choices our boys make tear us apart…GRACE!
If we have a wreck tomorrow…GRACE!

So today, I will confess the entitlements I have thrown in God’s face.
I will ask Him for forgiveness.
But mostly, I will thank Him for His unbelievable, convicting, moves me to tears…GRACE!

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