“Choosing to SEE”

I’m very intentional about the books I read. Okay, Hunger Games doesn’t count. Oh, and the free books Jeremy brings home…those don’t count either.

So the other week when Amazon didn’t pull up any “must-reads” for me, I waited (impatiently).

Then the unbelievable grant came from Show Hope, and it hit me…”Why don’t you read Mary Beth Chapman’s book Choosing to SEE?”.

And let me tell you, I devoured this book in less than a week. Why has it taken me nearly 3 years to find this?

Here’s one of my favorite quotes-“If I had lived the life I thought I wanted-I know I wouldn’t have experienced the grace or the miracles of God in the ways that I have. What I’ve found is that it’s in the most unlikely times and places of hurt and chaos that God gives us a profound sense of His presence and the real light of His hope in the dark places.”

So there, I’m telling you now…you should read this book. It was SO good!!


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