This week’s agenda—only 2 things!

At church this weekend JD asked the question, “Do you believe God cares?” And that thought, that question, has been circling in my mind since.

Do I believe He cares? It’s easy to say yes but do I really? In the waiting. In the wondering. When His timetable seems way different than mine. Do I believe He cares?

1-Admit and confess reasons that tempt me to doubt He cares and search His Word for reminders.

JD also talked about how unanswered prayers are often God’s blessings in our lives. Specifically, he said, “Sometimes God gives us what we would have asked for if we knew what He knew.”

2-Make a list of unanswered prayers that ended up being blessings.

This is a week of emptying myself and allowing Him to fill me. It’s a week where I have just 2 goals; just 2 areas where I’m asking God to speak.

I’m listening, Lord. My heart is still.

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