Our Homeschool…In Pics!

First off, let’s just get it out there by saying that homeschool isn’t for everyone! Some days I doubt it’s even for us. Can I tell you the number one reason we homeschool? It is…So we can go to Disney whenever we want! There, I admit it. Spiritually and educationally sound, I know. We love Disney, especially during the off-season when everyone else is in school!

Seriously, there are other reasons we are homeschooling right now. Nope, I’m not committed forever. We take it one month at a time. But right now this is what we’re doing, so I thought I’d give you a little peak into how it works (or doesn’t!). Enjoy…

032 This is our official “homeschool room.” It’s bright and makes me happy! It’s the most beautiful room in our house (which helps all of our moods when we don’t want to do school). A special shout-out to Sallie Hambrick for designing it!

033 We tend to do school in lots of different places besides our designated room. About 50% takes place at the kitchen table. This little table is in the kitchen for the boys to color on or play cards (Monopoly Deal is their new favorite!).

034 We do Bible during breakfast, so I keep our favorite Bible books close by. It makes it easy to grab what we need without “forgetting.” And on that note, the boys and I usually sit down for breakfast, snack, and lunch together. We do lots of school while they’re eating (that way they’re quiet!).

035 My kitchen walls have become an art gallery. We read a science book during snack each day and most of the time the boys paint something they’ve learned. (I’m in the process of cleaning this display up!)

036 This is the playroom upstairs. It usually looks way crazier than this. When Stephen is doing school Caleb and Jonathan have free reign to play upstairs. Most days I just close my eyes to the mess when I walk by! The extra time with Stephen is worth the extra mess!

037 Our school closet is small, but it holds our books, supplies, games, etc.

039 This is the schedule I try to stick to. We’re pretty flexible. Caleb gets a little school each day. Stephen gets quite a bit in the morning. And we do Bible, Science, Literature, and History together during meals and snacks.

040 Here’s my school planner. It usually gets filled out until around December when I have things figured out a little more and start winging it. It feels good to start the year out with a plan, though.

And there you have it…the way we rock homeschool around here. Hope it encourages you that things don’t have to be perfect! Trust me, it’s far from that in our home. Whether it means homeschool, private school, or public school we just want the boys to love learning. That’s our ultimate goal!

2 thoughts on “Our Homeschool…In Pics!

  1. first … love the blog! and your home school room looks wonderful! love the colors! and i have 2 kids that get to play (aka: dump all toys out without being fussed at and make the biggest mess possible) while the other 2 do school as well. that close your eyes idea is perfect, because being able to spend time with the other kids is so much easier without the younger ones trying to get your attention.

    btw … how old are your boys? i have 4 kids and 1 one the way. my oldest is 9 (girl), then 8 (girl), then 5 (almost 6 … boy), and my last for the moment is 3 (girl). we are expecting another boy (yay!) in Nov.

    Disney (with minimal wait!) is DEFINITELY one of the perks to home schooling!!! when do you go? we mostly go in Sept but it is still pretty hot there. Nov was nice and so was the end of Jan. we only go when they have the free food deals. it helps make a great deal even greater!

    i don’t think i have met you at Summit yet, but we have been there on and off (for health and other reasons) for about 5 years. i have heard y’all mentioned every now and then in conversations with other Summit families and y’all seem to be a wonderful family. look forward to our paths bumping one of these days.


    1. Hey Natalie! Thanks for the encouragement! Homeschool is an adventure for us to say the least. We have 3 boys…Stephen (7), Caleb (almost 5), Jonathan (almost 3), and a domestic adoption in the works!=) Congrats on your upcoming baby. How exciting!

      Our favorite times to visit Disney are fall (September, October) and early spring (February, March). And yes, we only go when it’s free dining. That makes it so much better!

      I’m glad that you’re at Summit. We love it there! Hope to see see you sometime. Thanks!

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