Wreck Anniversary Day…

6 years ago today…where has the time gone? Here are 2 links if you want to read more of our story. This link was done by a local news station 3 days after the wreck. Jeremy wrote this one for the Summit a year or so ago.

Today, though, I have something special I want to show you. It’s an attempt on my part to celebrate all God has done in the past 6 years and all we trust He will do in the future. It’s our “official adoption video!” Birthmoms will look at this along with our profile book when choosing a family.

I’m so thankful to Jeremy for putting the video together. Heaven knows I had no idea how to do it!

My prayer is that today we can thank God for his grace 6 years ago, and His continued grace now…

6 thoughts on “Wreck Anniversary Day…

  1. I thought about you all this morning as I saw today’s date. What a great video and testimony you have!! Still praising the Lord for what He has done and continues to do through your lives.

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