The Enemy…My Son

Yesterday I had some tough moments with one of our boys (name omitted to protect the guilty). I gave grace. I gave threats. I gave Jeremy desperate texts. Nada. Nothing helped. So, I did the mature thing and sent the offender to his room and locked myself in the bathroom.

“Okay, God, I really can’t do this today. It’s “wreck week.” I’m a little on edge to begin with. Help me here. I’m at the end of my rope.”

And there, in the midst of my snot and tears, the Holy Spirit spoke. Quietly. Simply. His voice in my soul was so real I could almost hear it.

“Tiff, this battle is not against your son. He is not the enemy. This battle is not against bad behavior. He is a sinner just like you. This battle…it’s against Satan. He wants your kids. He is a ‘roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.’ This is spiritual warfare you’re in. It’s not a discipline problem. It’s a battle against a real enemy. And as frustrated as you feel right now at your son. He is not the enemy.”

I unlocked the bathroom door and scribbled my thoughts in a journal. Then I walked to the other room and sat down on our son’s bed. I cried. For the first time in weeks I saw him as God’s masterpiece. I didn’t see him as a project. I didn’t see him as a mountain I must face each morning. I saw him as a little boy in battle. Not in battle against Mom and Dad. But in battle against the “Prince of the power of the air.”

We talked. I cried some more. He fought the tears away. And we hugged.

Dear Son-We are in battle together. I will fight for you with my prayers. I will give you grace when you fail. I will love you on this journey.


6 thoughts on “The Enemy…My Son

  1. so true! oh, how we need to remember when any hurts us: friends, family, neighbors, strangers. It is not the person, it’s the enemy of Christ who is trying to make us fall. Tiffany, help your sons to love Christ; then when they’re grown and gone, they’ll still love HIM! If they love HIM, they’ll serve HIM!

  2. A lesson we all need to learn. Thanks for the reminder. Let us band together to protect against the enemy.

  3. O, the memories you have stirred! After two daughters, that first son (followed by 2 more) was a learning curve. I have to admit I was not as grace-full nor looking thru spiritual eyes as you are. BUT GOD in His mercy brought us through, and the one who I thought was trying to kill me is one of my best friends! Now as a pilot in the USAF, he and his precious wife are, with a lot more grace,raising 3 of their own. There is truth to the verse 3 John 1:4. We still cover the kids & grands in prayer everyday. May the Lord bless as you continue to seek and serve HIM….

    1. Thank you Rosemary! Your house sounds even busier than mine!=) I imagine that life will pass more quickly than I can believe. These little, drive me insane and to my knees boys will be men someday. I pray we will be friends when that time comes. Thanks for the encouragement!

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