It’s Monday…Too Busy to Be Still

That time of year. The one where my calendar looks like jibberish. Our nightly schedule last week…

Wednesday-double soccer practices
Thursday-small group
Friday-Family Worship Night

Crazy! And we aren’t even in “real school.”

That time of year when I finally sit down at 9:00 only to look across the living room and see this…

Blessed mess…where did all those clothes come from?

I want to live fully. I want to breathe deeply. But this schedule. All these start-ups of new things, good things. They are wearing me out. Wearing me down.

So today-the beginning of a new week no different than the last. I have a choice.

A choice to see Him in the busyness. To look up not around. To say no so I can say yes. To see grace not responsibility. To be be still…even when it’s not written in my calendar.

That time of year when I’m desperate for Him.

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