Stephen’s Baptism-He Makes All Things New!

Sunday, September 15, 2013


A day where death breaks forth into life.

After a week of uncertainty I am rejoicing today. Rejoicing because sweet baby girl has a family. Rejoicing because Stephen will soon be baptized.

There is always hope with You. There is always life.

In our darkest moments You are there. In life’s darkest moment You triumphed over death.

I will celebrate that today-in Stephen’s life-in our family’s life- in my life.

With You there is constant hope. You make all things new-even broken stories. I rejoice in new life today.

I love You!

And here’s how the day went…

003 Thank you parking volunteer guy. We were honestly wondering if we would ever get there!

002 An hour early and the traffic looked like this.

006 A little pre-church photo with Wool E Bull!

009 What?? 11,500 with 530 baptisms (churchattheballpark)!

Stephen-baptism Love that Jeremy got to baptize him!

012 So blessed!

024 Celebrating after his baptism with Gigi’s cupcakes and a new Bible.

Sunday was a beautiful day! Yes, I still have questions. Yes, life still hurts. But God is so gracious.

How could I ever doubt the love He showed me on Calvary? I don’t understand. But I’m looking to Him.

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