A Post From Disney

Wednesday…at 8 pm…with 2 partially packed suitcases…Jeremy and I decided to leave for Disney!!!

The trip was already planned (months before) but on a whim we decided to leave a day early.

By 9:30 we were on the road. I drove til 2:00 am when my eyes were forcing themselves shut. Jeremy brought us into Orlando at 6:30 am. The boys slept.

We hit the Magic Kingdom running (literally!) at 8:00. Crazy!

This post will go out on Monday morning. Right now it’s Sunday night, and I’m sitting on a bench between our room and the lake. We’re staying at Pop Century.

It’s quiet here. Everyone seems tired. Tomorrow will be here with new surprises and parks to explore.

I am so thankful for this trip. We come back home on Wednesday. In a million years I could never have predicted how desperately I would need this time away with my family. We have already been so blessed.

May I not miss a day wishing for something more!

So happy Monday…enjoy some pics of our trip, and I’ll be back to regular posting later in the week!






disney 7

disney 4

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