Dear Disney Princesses

Dear Disney Princesses,

I think you girls are beautiful. No, really, so beautiful. I don’t have a little girl (not yet!), but when I do, I plan on making sure she becomes a fan. We will watch every Disney movie. We will wait in line for hours to meet you at Disney World. We will even drop the big bucks to “princess” my little girl up at the Bibbidi Bobbidy Boutique. I like you, and I plan on passing the admiration down.

But here’s something you must know….The things you are looking for. The songs you sing so beautifully. They can’t be found in a Prince (no matter how shockingly handsome he is). Truthfully, most of the things you look for have already come. Nope, not in my amazing husband. Not in the beautiful fairytale world that is yours. What you look for most…it came as a baby. Let me explain…

Dear Ariel,
You sing my favorite Disney song of all “Part of Your World.” It does seem pretty nifty up here…walking, dancing, running. But let’s talk truth. This world can be pretty hard. There’s heartbreak and pain. It’s a broken place. Sinful and dying. My Father, though, He’s working on a new world for me. One that will never pass away. Heaven. That’s a world worth singing about.

Dear Belle,
You are hands-down my favorite. Beautiful. Smart. Kind. I love the “Tale as Old as Time” song. My favorite phrase “Barely even friends, then somebody bends, unexpectedly.” I’ve been loved like that. It’s a tale older than time. My Hero loved me when I was His enemy. When I wanted nothing to do with Him. And He didn’t just bend. He died for me. Gave up His very life. Unexpected. Grace. Beauty.

Dear Snow White,
You confidently sing “Someday my prince will come.” Good news…He already has! Not in that strapping, dark-haired guy that awakens you with the kiss of love. But the real prince. The Son of the King. He came. He gave up everything. For me. For everyone. The Prince has already come!

Dear Jasmine,
Don’t we all want “A Whole New World.” I definitely do. It sounds like a new start to me. A fresh one. That’s what Christ came to give us. He offers us a clean slate. And every morning, carpet ride the night before or not, His mercies are new. Understanding His love makes life seem like a whole new world.

Dear Cinderella,
You set the princess bar pretty high. So beautiful in those glass slippers. You’re a dreamer. I love your song “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes.” We all have dreams. But here’s a thought…sometimes those dreams don’t pan out like we planned. Then what? We’ve got to have faith in something. I’ve chosen the Creator of the Universe. His love blows me away. I can trust His plans even my dreams don’t pan out.

So there, sweet sister friends. I write because I care. I’m still a fan…always will be. But you need to know the Truth. What you look for I’ve found. Not in a guy. Not in a perfect situation. I’ve found it in the Gospel. I’ve found it in God’s love for me and Jesus’ death on my behalf.

Keep being beautiful, girls. We love you for it. But don’t forget…there’s a bigger story out there. And knowing that story means knowing there’s a happy ending in store!

Love and Hugs,
Princess Tiffany

PS-Yes, when we go to Disney, my 3 boys want a picture with the Lego Hulk. One day, princesses, one day!


4 thoughts on “Dear Disney Princesses

  1. If only we all bought into what God says instead of what the World says. Thanks for opening our eyes to the truth and reminding us that we all can be a Child of the King.

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