Just Be…

Here are the boys…who spent 30 minutes trying to beat a board on the Wii.


It doesn’t seem to bother them. It makes me crazy!

There’s a mantra I claimed years ago-“Always be doing something productive.” It sounded good then but has now become my enemy. A slave driver. Keep doing.

The other night I got stressed because I couldn’t fall asleep. Nothing helped. Then I had a thought…Stop rushing. Stop doing. Just be.

Lay still. Let rest be enough. You don’t have to rush toward sleep. Just be.

The Gospel declares that God loves me no matter what. I don’t have to do anything but accept His grace. Shouldn’t that effect the way I live? The way I rest? The way I choose to be still?

It seems like I keep writing about the same thing. Maybe God is trying to say something.

Just be…right here, in this season, in this moment. Trust me to take care of the rest.”

2 thoughts on “Just Be…

  1. Juat be…so easy to say yet so hard to do. My husband sounds a lot like you. If he isn’t at work, he feels like he needs to be doing something productive. It’s a little frustrating for me because I like to relax!

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