Our Local, Simple Christmas

This post may officially make me a weirdo. Regardless…

I’m reading a book called “Year of Plenty.” Here’s the subtitle “One Suburban Family, Four Rules, and 365 Days of Homegrown Adventure in Pursuit of Christian Living.”

Upfront I’ll tell you I don’t agree with everything in there. As I type this I’m munching on a Trader Joe’s “Oreo” and hearing the cashier’s words in my brain, “At least you kept it under $200.”

015 (Sweet Jesus…these have changed my life!)

I still have a lot to learn. A long ways to go. But this book has gotten me thinking; specifically when shopping for Christmas. Here are some things we’ve done…

1-I bought almost all our presents from people. Real people. Not companies.
-Examples-A good friend sewed bags; Dominican ladies made jewelry; Another friend made a scarf

2-I bought most of our gift cards from local companies.

3-Our Christmas party ham is being cooked by a small business down the street. (The owner calls me Tiff!)

4-The boys’ coveted Skylanders were purchased off Craiglist.


It’s just a start, ya’ll, but it’s been fun. I’ve met people. Felt like I was helping people. Enjoyed putting more thought into our purchases.

It’s a small way I can slow down. Embrace the season. Breathe deeply of the beautiful simplicity of that first Christmas when grace came down.

“And she gave birth to her firstborn son and wrapped him in swaddling cloths and laid him in a manger, because there was no place for them in the inn.”
(Luke 2:7)

(Another way to embrace a simple Christmas can be found on Lifesong for Orphans website. Check it out!)

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