“Frozen” and the Gospel

The five of us went and saw Disney’s “Frozen” a few weeks back. Most importantly, Jeremy bought me this awesome “Catching Fire” cup from the concessions!


Anyhoo, we loved “Frozen” and easily found the Gospel in it. Jeremy and I try to do that anytime the boys watch a film. We want them to see how every story is looking for a Redeemer, and true happy endings are only found in Christ.

Here’s what we told the boys (spoiler alert!):

In the end, Anna must find true love to live. She thinks it is found in a kiss. But life isn’t found until she gives herself up (freezes) and dies for her sister Elsa. Anna then finds healing. Death brings life.

We are like Anna in that we look for love and life all over the place. But it’s not until we are willing to give our lives up for others that we truly live.

We are also like Elsa. We need someone to take our place. To love us enough to die for us. That’s what Anna did for her sister, and that’s what Christ has done for us.

Love is shown in sacrifice. That’s what God did when He sent Jesus.

And there you go. I have no idea if the boys are getting this or not. They were pretty taken with Olaf and on a pretty big soft drink and popcorn high afterwards.

But we are looking. And planting. Talking. And praying. Not completely running from the world but facing it. Explaining it. And looking for God in everything.

So go see “Frozen.” Find the Gospel. And share it!

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

3 thoughts on ““Frozen” and the Gospel

  1. I was glad it ended that true loves kiss was not from a guy but from her sister. Sisters have a special bond that should never be broken. I am also glad that God loves me and waited for me to discover this.

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