Too Much Grace

The computer is prompted up on the arm of the chair. My knees are tightly bent. Esther sits against my legs; her little feet pushing into my stomach. And she watches me peck away at this post. Clueless as to how she’s grace embodied to me.

There’s not been much time to write. 4 of them…eating, sleeping, pooping, making messes. But I hear the boys’ laughter from the playroom. I watch Esther watching me. And the words slip out “Too much grace.”

I don’t deserve any grace. None. So all this-it can sometimes be overwhelming. And grace bring responsibility. Maybe some days that’s overwhelming too.

As I type and think about all this grace, I’m not a fool. It didn’t feel like this last year. It doesn’t feel like this to lots of people today. There’s suffering and waiting and pain. And it’s all so numbing. But somehow…even when I can’t see it. There is grace. Enough. For each moment.

“For from his fulness we have all received, grace upon grace.” -John 1:16

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2 thoughts on “Too Much Grace

  1. Praise the Lord for his unconditional love and grace he bestows upon his children who are faithful to Him. You guys are such a testament to that! We rejoice with you! Love & miss you guys!

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