What We Missed with Our First…

We watched her crawl around the room the other night. Polka-dotted pajamas. Unruly hair. She’d grab her blanket and roll around on it. Jeremy and I laughed outloud. She is Christmas morning to us every day.

And I said to Jeremy, “We missed this with Stephen.” Because we did. We were so caught up in figuring things out. I was so managed by all the books I had read. And to think that then there wasn’t Facebook or blogs or all the other condemning resources that tell us the “right way to do things.”

So I’m writing now (as before) for all the first-time Moms. Breath deeply. You can’t do this perfectly. Your baby isn’t perfect. Some days you will wonder at this wonder of a child God has given you. Some days you will wonder if you’re really cut out for Motherhood. You will tire and get mad and leave the house more times than not without makeup or clean hair.

We’re only 8 years in but already I long for the moments I missed with Stephen. I’ve been told time only moves quicker as they get older. Heaven help us.

May we see these children as blessings from God. May we admit when we’re bone-tired. May we let His grace flow into us and through us.

God, help me not to miss these moments.

“Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.” (Psalm 127:3)

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