Teaser #1-More Big News Coming

So we’re on vacation this week, and I’m staying away from all things internet as much as possible. However, I’ve got something big happening Thursday.=) So big that I’m jumping on here a few times to tease you. It’s not Mockingjay Part 2 type big but big for little ‘ole me.=)

Here’s a teaser. I’ll give you more throughout the week. Then Thursday…well, you’ll see.=)

“During this first of many meetings with doctors, I never heard the words, “It will be okay.” The point of our ICU meeting that particular day was simply to inform me of what was happening. As Stephen’s mother, I had to know. My Dad signed the papers for us since neither Jeremy nor I were able. The situation was extreme. Our whole family now lay in the middle of a severe and still brewing storm.”

More to come…


7 thoughts on “Teaser #1-More Big News Coming

  1. We were new to Union Grove at that time, but we loved you and prayed for you. We have seen the hand of God on your family from the time of your “storm” until now. I am anxious to see what Thursday brings!

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