Teaser #2…We’re Getting Closer!

Here’s teaser number 2. Have you figured out my big secret yet? If so, I’ll warn you, Thursday’s “excitement” will not be perfect. Not even close. But I’m praying God uses it regardless!

“There sat Jeremy! His eyes were open! Tubes no longer ran from his throat. The number of monitors even looked less. His head turned back and forth as if attempting to make sense of things. It would take months for me to explain the enormity of all that had happened. For now, though, I just wanted to hear his voice.”

Til Thursday…


3 thoughts on “Teaser #2…We’re Getting Closer!

  1. You’re killing me here Tiff!! I have loved reading your blogs and am excited to see your news on Thursday. I’ve enjoyed watching your family grow over the years. I miss our chats at UG all those years ago. I appreciate your sweet spirit that is contagious even through social media. Much love!!

    1. Thanks Mimi! It’s nearly 11:00 as I type this, and I’m seriously a mess wondering if this will even happen! I miss you and your family. Your kids are so grown now. Crazy! Miss you friend!

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