Living in Half

Last night he picked “Halfway Herbert” to read. Herbert has a problem. He only does things half way.

I live my life in halves…

The house is always halfway clean. Dinner is almost halfway made. We’re halfway through the Hardy Boys book.

But what else? Am I parenting halfway? Am I loving Jeremy halfway? Am I a halfway friend? What about my time with Him? Am I doing it halfway too?

A life lived in half can’t be fully lived.

And the only way to live fully must be to cut out some of the halves.

Have I become complacent at everything and excellent at nothing?

We are burning ourselves out.

Then this… “With my whole heart I seek you; let me not wander from your commandments! “(Psalm 119:10)

Not half but whole. Seeking Him with my whole heart. Trusting Him wholly. Saying yes to where He leads, so I can give up the halves.

How much of Himself did He offer for me? His whole self. How could I offer anything else?




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