A Quick Update

So many of y’all have been asking me for updates on our trip. Well, we leave tomorrow morning at 3:45. And I really have no idea where we are with our funds.

We’re to take a blank check and write it for the remaining balance before we fly back home next Monday. Oh my! This is a test in trust. They’ll check what’s been given before we make the final payment.

I could barf! Or scream! Or…Dear Lord…You are always in control!

But we’re leaving tomorrow. I’ve packed ZERO thus far. But we are excited! And trusting.

19 years ago today I visited LU for the first time and as clear as I’m writing you now, God said, “This is where you’re supposed to go.”

So I did. And met Jeremy. And God broke me. And called us. And now we have all these kids. And wow.

Here we go again. 19 years later. Still hearing Him say “go here.” And still trying to trust.

He is always working for our good and His glory.

I’ll keep you updated when I can. Thank you for giving and praying!!

“The steps of a man are established by the Lordwhen he delights in his way;” (Psalm 37:23)


One of the ones who’s staying home insisted on a selfie that I could look at while away!=)



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