Friends…it’s been rare (RARE) to see me leaving the house for any extended period of time in say…maybe the last 12 years. And even now, it probably doesn’t happen nearly enough.

But as “the baby” is now 3, and life is getting (dare I say), simpler, God may be re-opening (slightly) a door I once begged Him to open.

If you would be interested in helping open this door, I would be humbled to pray over and consider speaking at your next event.

God has given me a passion for teaching. It started as a little girl. And now I get to share that gift with the precious 5 God has given me. And sometimes He even lets me share it with other women (not hidden behind a computer screen).

If you’re interested, you can email me at tiffanypollard1@gmail.com.

Believing that I’m already doing the best thing in the world but remaining open to additional places His hand may lead.=)