I don’t want this moment to be holy…it wasn’t planned!

Most mornings you’ll find me sitting on the closet floor. Door shut. Pen in hand. Journal open.

I write to think. To wake up. To assure our kids after I’m gone and they nose through my journals that yes…Mom really was a big mess.

But recently the kids have found my spot. They know where I hide. And they come in.


The other morning Kenan was the culprit. Dinosaur pajama pants. Shirtless. Carrying a blue blanket.

And I wanted to frown at him. To shoo him away to an Ipad.

But for some reason I stopped. Put him in my lap. And just held him. Smelled his hair. Breathed deeply of our littlest who’s now 3.

“This is holy.”

That’s what came to mind as we sat there. In the silence.

My Bible was waiting. My journal entry was half done. But somehow the moment felt holy. And I held grace in my arms.

Friends…let’s read our Bibles. Let’s pray. Let’s journal. But let’s not miss the moments where He slips in and says, “This…Even THIS is holy.”

Jesus revealed Himself to people on boats, land, and sky. He spoke to fisherman, tax collectors, and children.

Let’s not miss His grace today in the unexpected places. Let’s BE His grace today in the unexpected places.

 “And whoever gives one of these little ones even a cup of cold water because he is a disciple, truly, I say to you, he will by no means lose his reward.” (Matthew 10:42)


A couple things…He was asleep on me. I wasn’t faking this smile. And we were out of town sleeping on the floor.




Be still…

I usually do my best thinking when I’m rocking Jonathan at night. Yes, I admit I rock our 2 and half year old. As Stephen, our oldest approaches 7, I’m realizing more and more how quickly time seems to pass.

So at night, when it’s quiet, I rock Jonathan and think. I plan out the next day, think through blog posts (like this one), and just let my mind rest. No putting out fires (ie-breaking up fights) or anything physical; just a quiet, dark room with rain sounds in the background and my thoughts.

I love this time of being still. It allows me to think and to listen. God speaks in the crazy of our normal days, but He also speaks in the quiet. In this season of life, I love chatting with Him in both extremes!