Walt Disney World


So, yes, I do the Mom thing A LOT. There are 5 living, breathing little people in this house who are counting on me. But they’re getting bigger. And in the growth, I’ve found myself able to breathe again. Found myself pursuing dreams and asking at times, what’s next.

Since I was 12 years old, there’s been an obsession with Walt Disney World. That first ride on Space Mountain captured me. That first “Touring Plans for Disney” book hooked me. Since 2002, Jeremy and I have taken innumerable trips to Disney. Married without kids. Newborns. Toddlers. Teenagers. We’ve stayed on-site and in timeshares. We’ve had the meal plan and not had it. In summary, we’ve been blessed. These memories in this unforgettable place will forever be ours.

That’s what led me to now. In 2019 I joined an amazing team called Travelmation. It’s full of inspiring people who share one common goal, “To leave this world with memories not dreams.” Maybe it’s because we almost lost it all in 2007. I’m not sure. But this phrase reasonates with me. It fuels me. It gets me up at 5AM most mornings.

God has given you these moments. They are grace. You’re not guaranteed another second. And while He is trustworthy and promises to never leave us, He doesn’t guarantee our tomorrows. He doesn’t hand us life’s blueprint. He asks us to take His hand and trust Him.

So no, I’m not saying you should go into debt to take your family on a grand vacation. And no, I’m not saying you should skip out on that missions trip because it will deplete your vacation fun. I’m simply asking you to embrace THIS moment. It’s straight from the hand of a God who loved you enough to give you His Son.

And if that memory for you does mean Walt Disney World, I’d love to share in your adventures. I’d love to take the stress off. I’d love to get up at 6AM to get you the best restaurants. I’d love to share our touring tricks with you. I’d love to apply promotions and save you money. And no, to clear the water, it doesn’t cost you a thing. Disney pays me so you don’t have to.

Friends, today is a gift. It’s a vapor that vanishes away. And you can fill it with regrets and worries. Or you can fill it with lifelong memories.

“God has richly given us all things to enjoy.” What will you enjoy today?